The Best Social Media May Be None

With the mass exodus from Twitter, many people are looking for new social media platforms. While new platforms will certainly emerge to serve the market, there is little questioning of the overall value of social media.

Social media has benefits and costs. Overall, the research is unclear on whether it enhances well-being or not. There is no guarantee that any new platforms will be better (healthier) than the existing ones.

The prime beneficiaries of social media appear to be the owners, not the users. A handful of people have made unprecedented wealth from a questionable business service.

Excessive social media use is correlated to numerous problems, especially in adolescents. It may be years before all the effects are sorted out. In the meantime, the best type of social media may be none at all.

Screen Time Limits

Screen time has exploded during COVID-19. Children are moving less and staring at screens more (for both school and leisure). From this study, here is data on Chinese adolescents:

Simply put, most children are not getting sufficient physical activity every day.

Limiting screen time leads to increased physical activity.

Screen time limits can improve overall health for both children and adults.