Matt Metzgar

Exercise Is A Gift, Not A Punishment

There seems to be a growing trend of former Navy Seals who are now writing books, giving talks, etc.

I’ve read a few of these books this year, and I have to say they have not been good. Here’s what I think is happening:

Navy Seal training is devised to produce the best soldiers. However, being the best soldier does not mean a person has great knowledge that can be applied to other areas. Just as if a person is a great actor or a great chemist - it doesn’t mean their expertise spills over into other areas.

A large part of the Navy Seals training is the ability to absorb physical punishment. What I don’t like is how this gets carried over to exercise philosophy.

Punishing yourself physically is not a great long-term strategy for health. I’m active every day and in no way is this a “punishment”.

In my view, it’s actually the opposite: movement is a gift. With the aging process, you never know how long your physical capabilities will hold up.

I’m looking to move and enjoy the gift of exercise as long as I can.