Matt Metzgar

The Goal of Exercise is to Keep Exercising

In the short-term, exercise can be a tool to build muscle or reduce fat. But for a person to continue exercising over the long-term, it has to be enjoyable in my view.

Said differently, the goal of any exercise session is that it gets you to come back next time.

I still go out and run 2-3 times a week the same as I did 20 years ago. Yes, I want to be healthy, but I exercise primarily because I enjoy the exercise sessions themselves.

Do whatever you like as long as it is enjoyable. Enjoyment trumps all in the long-run.


I’ve come across some writing on Substack that is really well-done, much better than the low bar set by mainstream publishers. I surely would have used Substack or something similar back when I was blogging more frequently.

Blogging Is Dead, and That's Not a Good Thing

It’s amazing how much the blogging world has changed over the past ten years. While blogs used to hold the majority of the conversations, now they do not. I often see the websites of best-selling authors that have zero comments on their blogs.

Of course, all the conversations have moved to social media. My issue is that these companies are disproportionally benefiting from this arrangement. The participants are the ones creating the conversations and potentially creating value. The companies profit from this while the participants make nothing.

Twitter is nothing more than a website - a large server. The main reason they’re successful is they have created a critical mass and achieved a network effort. I’m sure someone could build a clone of Twitter in a short period of time. For such an unremarkable product, the economic gains seem outsized.

I hope that online conversations will eventually shift back to decentralized platforms.

Stop Reading The News

I’m reading an interesting book, “Stop Reading The News” by Rolf Dobelli.

The book makes a number of persuasive arguments why people should stop reading the news on a regular basis.

The book also challenges readers to go 30 days without news to break the habit. I’m game for the challenge.

I’m already 4 days in, and so far it does seem to be a beneficial change.

DIY Community

Really neat way of creating community during covid: link.